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Removable Pool Fences Are NOT All the Same.

Watch this mom's reaction when her children test the strength of our strong pool fence versus a competing fence with inferior aluminum fence posts. We think you'll be just as shocked as this mom!

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Tucson Families Trust Protect-A-Child's Pool Fence for Safety

Swimming pools are an exciting addition to a home for family. What many homeowners learn fast, especially with small children,  the pool can cause a lot of concern and anxiety.  Thankfully our strong, unbreakable pool fence eases these worries and has provided many Tucson families with peace of mind about their children and pets around the pool. Here are a few why families choose Protect-A-Child:

  • Strong, Durable Fiberglass Posts — Our unbreakable support posts are by far the strongest posts on the market. In addition to strength, our fiberglass posts are designed to be heat-resistant (ideal for our hot climate), non-conductive and will never corrode from salt water, unlike aluminum posts.
  • Additional Layers of Safety — These patented feature upgrades include our point-lock secure latches for locking the fence pieces together, and our twist-lock option, which allows you to secure your support posts into the patio, preventing children from removing the fence.
  • Proudly Manufactured in the USA — Protect-A-Child pool fencing is manufactured in-house in South Florida to ensure we provide families with a top-quality constructed and assembled product for long-lasting safety and support.
  • Over 30 Years of Proven Safety — Protect-A-Child has been keeping children and pets safe around the pool since 1984, so you can feel peace of mind about the product and support you receive.

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We're proud of the many swimming pools we've been able to secure for Tucson families. Take a look at some of our favorite installations to see all the different shapes, sizes and colors. Keep in mind that our pool fencing is 100% removable, so you can easily take it down in minutes to open up the patio area.

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Customer Reviews

“Awesome company. Put up the fence and super friendly Chris takes pride in his product and installation. He makes a difference in the community making all the little ones safe around pools.”

– Dottie W. (Tucson, AZ)

“Chris did a great job with the installation and demonstrating the benefits of the pool fence. He had genuine care for the proper placement and was very professional.”

– Mike K. (Tucson, AZ)

“Chris installed our fence quickly and explained everything very well before doing so. We are very happy with the end result and it gives us peace of mind knowing we have a good safety barrier for our children.”

– Kenneth (Tucson, AZ)