Pet Fence

Removable pet safety barrier for the pool, patio, garage and yard.

Pool Fence

Protects your little ones from unknowingly gaining access to the pool.

Volleyball Net

The perfect add-on to your pool fence for hours of family fun.

Why Choose Protect-A-Child

Our unbreakable fiberglass fence posts and other safety features provide Tucson parents and grandparents with peace of mind about the safety of their pool and patio.

Protect-A-Child’s pool fence has been keeping children and pets safe around the pool for over 30 years. Our fencing is proudly made in the USA in order to ensure we can provide families with the top-quality safety product we stand behind.

Each of our fence posts are made from composite fiberglass that is guaranteed to never break or become bent. In addition to strength, these posts will not heat up in the Arizona hot sun like metal fencing does. This is especially important given that children and pets will be near the fence.

Our pool fence also includes several patented safety features to keep children or pets from gaining access to the swimming pool. These additional layers of protection list below are other major factor as to why Tucson parents choose Protect-A-Child’s pool fencing:

  • Point-lock latches secure the sections of your pool fence together to prevent small fingers from unlocking your fence.
  • Lock-in-deck posts provide the option to twist-lock your posts into the patio, preventing remove by children.

Here are a few of the features your family will benefit from when choosing Protect-A-Child:


Unbreakable Fiberglass Fence Posts

Twist-Locking Secure Post Sleeves

Adjustable Fence Safety Latches

Impact-Absorbent Mesh & Borders

Self-Closing Pool Fence Gates

Multiple Stylish Color Options

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Installation Matters


First, we literally draw out a template of the where the pool fence with be installed, so the home owner is able to see the shape of the fence and the distance it will be from pool coping. This helps provide an opportunity to make adjustments as needed, so the pool is secured and the home owner is happy.


Following template approval, we will get started with the job by drilling each of the pool fence post holes. We use our diamond-bit core drill to create clean holes, so we can maintain the aesthetics of your patio surface. Each of the holes are drilled at specific angles to counterbalance and maintain the tension of the fence for a tight, attractive fence. This is especially true when installing on corners or around curves.


Next we will install the mesh pool fencing sections, as well as any self-closing gates, if that option is chosen. We will review with the home owner how the fence works, how it can be installed, removed and maintained. Finally, we will make sure to clean off the pool area and patio so it is left cleaner than before the job.

We are a local installer, so we are always available to help answer questions or make any adjustments if required.